AAHHE Standing Committee Call for Nominations

Nominations are now closed for 2021

AAHHE is currently seeking nominations for volunteers to serve a 3-year term (2021-2023) as members of its five standing committees: Finance/Audit, Governance, Marketing/Public Relations, Membership and Programs.  The standing committees include both board members and volunteers from the membership at large. The primary responsibilities of the Standing Committees are presented below.

The Finance/Audit Committee seeks two volunteers to contribute on:

  • Oversight of fiscal health, proper use of resources, financial records, monthly and annual budget reports, board and AMC Source Expenditures
  • Organizational asset recommendations
  • Recommendations of external auditor to the board
  • The committee’s role as Liaison to the Independent auditor and review of the audit report and management letter.

The Governance Committee seeks three volunteers to contribute on:

  • Bylaws oversight
  • Board Nominations (addressing gaps in competencies, demographic representation, i.e., gender, race/ethnicity, geography and identity orientation)
  • Board orientation and on-going professional development
  • Strategic Plan Monitoring
  • Performance assessment of the Board of Directors

The Marketing/Public Relations seeks four volunteers to contribute on:

  • Website enhancements and updates
  • Communications strategy for the organization
  • Social Media

The Membership Committee seeks three volunteers to contribute on outreach initiatives to recruit new members (individual, institutional and organizational).

The Programs Committee seeks a minimum of fifteen volunteers to contribute on:

  • Leadership Programs – graduate, fellows, administrators
  • Publications – Commissioned Scholarly Treatises, Blogs, Newsletter
  • Awards – Books, Dissertations Competition, Annual Recognition
  • Professional Development – Webinars, Academic Research Briefs, Institutes

The Programs Committees is composed of two sub-committees:

  1. The Annual Conference Planning sub-committee identifies the conference theme and speakers, selects conference presentations and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.
  2. The Regional Conference Planning sub-committee identifies topics and speakers, organizes and schedules the conference and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.

Candidates must be AAHHE members at the start of their term. Candidates must be able to participate in a series of regularly scheduled virtual meetings throughout the year, work extensively on AAHHE priorities, and will be expected to participate in regular listserv discussions and zoom calls. Workload expectations will vary by committee, time of year, and the volunteer’s professional and personal commitment schedule. Although not reimbursed, committee members are also highly encouraged to attend and participate in AAHHE programming at the annual conference.

How to Apply
Submission materials
For each of the committees to which you are applying, the following application materials will need to be uploaded as ONE PDF file:
1. A brief ONE page statement (maximum 500 words) of interest and commitment that addresses:
     a. The reasons you are interested in the specific standing committee, i.e., I am interested in the (name of standing committee) because…
     b. Indicate any relevant experience in the committee area to which you are applying, i.e., My relevant experience in this topic includes..
     c. Highlight how you would contribute to the committee, i.e., My potential contributions to this committee are…

2. Following the statement, include your curriculum vitae (limit of three pages).

You can use a number of online programs, such as this one, to merge files into one PDF document.

Online Submission Process
Please apply online here.

The deadline for submission of materials is February 1, 2021  If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Lucia Gutierrez, AAHHE Executive Director at [email protected].