Scholarly Papers

Until 2020, AAHHE annually commissioned scholarly papers that were presented at the annual national conference and were published in the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, an AAHHE partner. We are proud to showcase and share these scholarly papers.

Immigrant Students

Citizenship, college degrees, and occupational outcomes: A comparison of Latino immigrants and U.S. natives at the turn of the century. Flores, S.M. & Southern, K.G. (2009). (PDF)

Latino immigrant access to higher education in a bipolar policy environment. Flores, S.M. & Chapa, J. (2008). (PDF)

Of Mentors, Resiliency, and Ganas: Factors Influencing the Success of DACAmented Students in Higher Education. Gámez, R. Lopez, W., & Overton, B. (2016). (PDF)

The role of higher education associations in shaping policy that connects immigration to educational opportunity: A social capital framework. Ortega, N. (2010). (PDF)



A report card on Latina/o leadership in California’s public universities: A trend analysis of faculty, students, and executives in the CSU and UC systems. Santos, J. & Acevedo-Gil, N. (2012). (PDF)

Changing political landscapes for Latinos in America. Casellas, J.P. & Ibarra (2011). (PDF)

Engaging scholarship with communities. Nunez-Mchiri, G. (2013). (PDF)

Latinas/os, Affirmative Action, and The Military: Leadership as Mission Critical. Ledesma, M. (2016). (PDF)

Latino Educational Leadership Across the Pipeline: For Latino Communities and Latina/o Leaders. A. Martinez, M. Rodríguez, C., & Valle, F. (2015). (PDF)

Models of leadership institutes for increasing the number of top Latino administrators in higher education. León, D. J. & Nevarez, C. (2007). (PDF)

"Re-membering, Re-framing, and Re-imagining Latino Leadership in Education: Reflections on Community, Higher Learning and Higher Education. Guajardo, F. & Guajardo, M. (2018). (PDF)

The impact of the Ford Fellowship Program in the creation of Latina/o academic generations. Vélez-Ibáñez, C. Szecsy, E. & Pena, C. (2012). (PDF)

Post Baccalaureate Decision Making Process of Latinx Undocumented Students. Lara, A. & Nava P.E. (2018) (PDF)



Building a Latina/o student transfer culture: Best practices and outcomes in transfer to universities. Pérez P. A. & Ceja, M. (2009). (PDF)

For-profit colleges and universities and the Latina/o students who enroll in them. Oseguera, L. & Malagon, M.C. (2010). (PDF)

Hispanic serving institutions: Patterns, predictions, and implications for informing policy discussions. Torres, V. & Zerquera, D. (2011). (PDF)

Is "Business as Usual" Enough to be Hispanic-Serving? Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution. Marin, P. (2018). (PDF)

Latinas/os in Community College Developmental Education: Increasing Moments of Academic and Interpersonal Validation. Acevedo-Gil, N. Santos, R., & Solorzano, D. (2014). (PDF)

Latino access to community colleges and Hispanic-serving institutions: A national study. Núñez, A. Sparks, P. J., & Hernandez, E. (2010). (PDF)

Preparing Latinos/as for a flat world: The community college role. Sullvian, L.G. (2007). (PDF)

Raising the Bar for Hispanic Serving Institutions: An analysis on Completion and Success Rates. Contreras, F & Contreras, G. (2014). (PDF)


Policy Research

Exploring the wealth returns to Latino higher educational attainment: Estimates of work-life earnings profiles. Robles, B. J. (2008) (PDF)

Health care access among Hispanics: Implications for social and health care reforms. Pérez-Escamilla, R. (2009). (PDF)

Recovering and framing the George I. Sanchez legacy of Chicana/o student and policy advocacy: Utilizing data for social change. Rodriguez, C. (2013). (PDF)

Re(de)fining College Access and its Association with Divergent Forms of Financial Aid: A Proposed Conceptual and Analytic Framework. Gonzalez-Canche, M. (2018). (PDF)

The Impact of High Stakes Testing: Impact on Latina/o Students’ College Aspirations. Rodriguez, J & Arellano, L. (2015). (PDF)

The impact of redistricting on Latino education policy: A Texas case study. Chapa, J & Garcia, E. (2012). (PDF)

Understanding PhD Latinx Career Outcomes: A Case Study. Kamimura-Jimenez, M. & Gonzalez, J. (2018). (PDF)

Decolonizing Hispanic-Serving Institutions: A Framework for Organizing. Garcia, G.A. (2018). (PDF)


Student Achievement, Persistence, & Success

Examining the cultural validity of a college student engagement survey for Latinos. Hernandez, E., Mobley, M., Coryell, G., Yu, E. & Martinez, G. (2012). (PDF)

Increasing Latina/o college completion: Mistakes and opportunities. González, K.P. & Arámbula-Turner, T.L. (2011). (PDF)

Increasing Latina/o students’ baccalaureate attainment: A focus on retention. Oseguera, L. Locks, a.M. & Vega, I. I. (2008). (PDF)

Integrating community based empowerment and transdisciplinary research lessons learned from Chicano studies in preventing childhood obesity. De la Torre, A. (2013). (PDF)

Latino student achievement: A collaborative mission of professional associations of higher education. Arredondo, P. & Castillo, L.G. (2010). (PDF)

Latino/a youth forging pathways in pursuit in higher education. Irizarry, J.G. (2011). (PDF)

Latinos in science: Trends and opportunities. Rochin, R. I. & Mello, S.F. (2007). (PDF)

Our Deliberate Success: Recognizing What Works for Latina/o Students across the Educational Pipeline. Oseguera, L. & Rodriguez, L. (2014). (PDF)

Research considerations and theoretical application for best practices in higher education: Latina/os achieving success. Castellanos, J. & Gloria, A.M. (2007). (PDF)

The vanishing Latino male in higher education. Saenz, V. B. Ponjuan, L. (2008). (PDF)

Thriving Latino Males in Selective Higher Education Institutions. Pérez II, D. & Sáenz, V. (2016). (PDF)

Focus on Student Success: Components for Effective Summer Bridge Programs. Quiroz, A.G. & Garza, N. (2018). (PDF)


(As of July 27, 2019)