Best Scholarly Paper Award

The AAHHE “Best Scholarly Paper” Award is an inaugural competition open only to accepted research/scholarly papers that will be presented at the 2022 AAHHE National Conference. For full consideration for the AAHHE “Best Scholarly Paper” Award, author(s):
  1.  Must present their paper in-person at the 2022 AAHHE National Conference
  2. Upload their paper to the AAHHE Submissions Portal by February 25th, 2022. The final paper should reflect adherence to the JHHE publication guidelines.
The three winning AAHHE “Best Scholarly Papers”:
  • Will be selected by the AAHHE Publications Committee, which also oversees other writing awards for the association (e.g., book awards).
  • Are eligible for publication in the AAHHE Special Section Issue (April) of the Journal of Hispanics in Higher Education, through a partnership with Sage Publications. JHHE is a quarterly international journal devoted to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of issues at Hispanic-serving institutions, maintains a broad focus and accepts the highest quality scholarly, creative and practical articles that combine research with application, fostering the integration of theory and practice.
    • The manuscript will be:
      • required to follow JHHE guidelines
      • submitted to JHHE by May 1st, 2022,
      • subject to JHHE’s regular peer review process.
  • Will receive a recognition certificate and be highlighted on the AAHHE website. The award can be added as “2022 AAHHE Best Scholarly Paper Award” to the author’s CV. There is no renumeration for the authors of the winning papers.

Any articles that do not pass the JHHE peer review and do not receive an ‘accept’ decision from the Editor will not be published in the Journal. Articles that do not meet the aforementioned deadlines may be published in a later issue of the Journal, subject to Publisher’s Editor’s discretion. AAHHE and JHHE have a long-standing partnership, and it is our expectation that all three papers will be published in the journal.


Revised January 11, 2021