2023 AAHHE National Conference

La Lucha Sigue: Refusal, Resistance, and Praxis at Critical Junctures
The Fight ContinuesRefusal, Resistance, and Praxis at Critical Junctures

La Lucha Sigue: Rechazo, Resistencia y Práctica en Momentos Críticos

March 1 - 3, 2023
College of Southern Nevada, North Las Vegas

The 2023 AAHHE National Conference La Lucha Sigue: Refusal, Resistance and Praxis at Critical Junctures aims to showcase the transformative action taking place within our respective communities. We acknowledge that intentional individual and communal actions of refusal and resistance are needed to actively contribute to the liberation in totality for Latinx/a/o/e students, staff, faculty and communities. The 2023 conference is a particularly important event, because AAHHE and the Latinx/a/o/e community are at critical junctures due to intersectional injustices, political oppression, and the ongoing pandemic that continues to impact our realities. The fight against the status quo continues. For additional information on the conference theme, please click here

The 2023 AAHHE National Conference is showcasing the following five conference strands:

  1. Refusing a Singular Lucha: Radicalization of Healing, Connecting, and Coalescing Through Critical Praxis
  2. Transformative Policy and Practices at Critical Junctures
  3.  Resisting Traditional Ideas and Advancing New Approaches in Education Research
  4. Praxis: Igniting action for the progress of Latinx/a/o/e communities
  5. Creating Coalitions in Solidarity to Address Inequities

2023 AAHHE Conference Program