Institutional Membership

Institutional membership includes universities and colleges of any size.  With your institutional membership, you will be supporting all of AAHHE’s programs and endorsing the goals to develop Latinx graduate students, professionals, faculty and senior administrative positions in higher education. 

Institutional membership benefits include: 

  • Unlimited job postings for faculty, staff and administrative positions in the association’s online job board 
  • Participation in AAHHE’s online quarterly ‘Institutional Member Spotlight’
  • Propose webinars or briefs addressing scholarly research on Latinx success in higher education.
  • Prominent listing on the AAHHE website, with direct link to your institution, and on annual conference materials.
  • Graduate and employment recruitment tabling opportunities (e.g., virtual campus tours, graduate student panels, summer research program information session, meet-n-greet with diversity representatives) at discounted rates during the annual conference and throughout the year
  • Access to our annual professional development series, including webinars, leadership institutes, and writing workshops

Additional benefits include:

  • Advertising opportunities at discounted rates in the annual conference program
  • Opportunity for representation on AAHHE’s Advisory Council
  • Opportunity to convene individual and institutional members and lead round table discussions on emerging topics
  • Receive on-going organizational highlights via e-blast
  • Receive AAHHE’s social justice statements via e-blast

Membership Dues
The membership cycle runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year. To activate an annual AAHHE Institutional Membership for your university or college, please click the category below depending on the number of students in your institution:

 For any information on AAHHE memberships, please contact [email protected]