AAHHE Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

Much of AAHHE’s work is done on a volunteer basis by the members of the Board and Standing Committees of the Board of Directors. The Board and standing committees carry out a wide variety of tasks as indicated by their names, e.g., Finance/Audit, Governance, Marketing/Public Relations, Membership and Programs, and provide strategic direction and oversight on matters within their respective areas of responsibilities.  The Standing Committees include both board members and volunteers from the membership at large.

Standing committees are established by the AAHHE Bylaws.

The Finance/Audit Committee is in charge of:

  • Oversight of fiscal health, proper use of resources, financial records, monthly and annual budget reports, board and AMC Source Expenditures
  • Organizational asset recommendations
  • Recommendations of external auditor to the board
  • The committee’s role as Liaison to the Independent auditor and review of the audit report and management letter.

The Governance Committee is in charge of:

  • Bylaws oversight
  • Board Nominations (addressing gaps in competencies, demographic representation, i.e., gender, race/ethnicity, geography and identity orientation)
  • Board orientation and on-going professional development
  • Strategic Plan Monitoring
  • Performance assessment of the Board of Directors

The Marketing/Public Relations is in charge of website enhancements and updates, communications strategy for the organization and social media.

The Membership Committee is in charge of outreach initiatives to recruit new members (individual, institutional and organizational).

 The Programs Committee is in charge of:

  • Leadership Programs – graduate, fellows, administrators
  • Publications – Commissioned Scholarly Treatises, Blogs, Newsletter
  • Awards – Books, Dissertations Competition, Annual Recognition
  • Professional Development – Webinars, Academic Research Briefs, Institutes

The Programs Committees is composed of two sub-committees:
   1. The Annual Conference Planning sub-committee identifies the conference theme and speakers, selects conference presentations and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.
   2. The Regional Conference Planning sub-committee identifies topics and speakers, organizes and schedules the conference and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.

AAHHE’s Advisory Council provides guidance and support to AAHHE’s strategic planning, governance, and issues of importance to the advancement of AAHHE’s mission.