Antonio Duran, PhD

Assistant Professor
Higher Education
Arizona State University

Antonio Duran, an assistant professor of higher and postsecondary education in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, examines how historical and contemporary legacies of oppression influence college student development, experiences, and success. Connected to this central thread, he is also interested in how scholar-practitioners use the above knowledge in their practice. He uses critical frameworks (e.g., intersectionality, queer of color critique, quare theory, jotería studies) to complicate the field’s understanding of racism, heterosexism, trans oppression, and other forms of marginalization on college campuses.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Duran found a love for higher education during his years as an undergraduate student at New York University. It was at NYU that he first encountered questions of what it meant to be a first-generation queer Latino cisgender man in educational settings and in society broadly. He discovered that educators could create environments for students to explore who they were and to learn how they can contribute to a more socially just world. After his time at NYU, he was lucky to receive his master's degree in student affairs in higher education from Miami University and his doctorate in higher education and student affairs from The Ohio State University.