Jahaziel Sanchez

Business Administration Accounting
San Diego State University

Jahaziel Sanchez is both an entrepreneur and student at San Diego State University (SDSU), pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Accounting degree. With ten associate degrees including psychology, business, science and math, he intends to create a pathway for system-impacted individuals that will facilitate their process of reintegrating into society, as citizens/members and professionals. Serving eleven years in the prison industrial complex has provided him a critical and insider’s perspective to examine its inner-workings, specifically, looking at the cultures, subcultures, economic systems, and the power dynamics that propel the institutions oppressive structures. In the ten months since his release, he began his first enterprise and has immersed himself in academia at SDSU. Further, he is a member of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program, Hispanic Business Student Association, Entrepreneur Society, Project Rebound, and is a founding member of Alianza Nueva Cooperacion Latino America, an organization which aims at identifying and improving socio-sustainability across Latina/o/x/e communities. Most importantly is his involvement and efforts toward conducting academic research in the field of criminal justice reform. As a first-generation college student, he serves as an inspirational role model for his family, friends, and the community, both inside and outside of prison walls.